Terms of Service

Please ensure you have read and fully understood and agree to the following terms of service before you secure your booking.

Thank You

Booking Fee: 

  • £25 non-refundable booking fee is required for all new Clients. This is to ensure time, effort and fuel isn't wasted if a client isn't home as planned or doesn't turn up to her appointment. This fee is taken off of the balance at the end of your treatment and must be paid in advance via Bank Transfer.


  • Your balance is due in full at the end of your treatment. I do not offer any credit facilities nor can I expect to be paid at a later date after the treatment has been carried out. Please ensure you have cash or you can pay via Bank transfer. 

  • Nail Biter Rehab is a 6-week commitment and requires full-payment upfront before treatment can commence. Any extra treatments requested are charged at normal rates but will be advised of this.

Client Disclosure:

  • It is the clients responsibility to inform me of any allergies, sensitivities of issues that may affect your nails.

  • You must inform me of any health issues on your Client Record so I can adapt a treatment if necessary and provide a safe treatment to you at all times.

  • Please let me know if your medical health history needs updating and I will amend your client record.

After Care:

  • You will be provided with Aftercare Advice during your appointments.

  • You are strongly advised to wear Gloves when cleaning/washing up or for activities involving water or chemicals coming in contact with the enhancements. 

  • Cuticle Oil is advised to be applied at least once a day to nourish your nail beds and helps keep your enhancements from becoming brittle/lifting etc.

  • Do not use your nail enhancements as tools.

  • Never pick, bite or exert force on your enhancements as you will cause damage.

  • Never peel nails off as this causes damage.

  • Never glue a nail enhancement back on.

  • Book your infill/rebalance appointment in good time. I book up in advance so to avoid disappointment please book early.

  • Infiils/Rebalances are advised every 2-3 weeks to prevent unnecessary stress on your nails as they grow out. 

  • I have no control over how you treat your nails once the treatment ends. You must follow aftercare advice to prevent issues with your nails.


  • I am happy to review the nails within 24hrs of the treatment and conduct any repairs free of charge.

  • I will check numerous times throughout the service that you are happy with length, shape and finish of the nails. It is the clients responsibility to tell me if at any point you feel that something needs changing to your taste/preference. Everyone is different has different ideas of what perfect looks like. You must let me know during the service so I can ensure you're completely happy before I leave otherwise I am unable to do anything if you simply change your mind after I have left.

  • I'll need photos of any issues and as much information as possible to find out what might have happened so an appropriate remedy can be made.

  • You must not remove or alter the nails in any way before giving me a chance to assess the nails in person and rectify any issues.

  • You'll need to make an appointment so I can assess the nails in person at my Home Studio, this appointment will be scheduled at my earliest opportunity and without delay.

  • Any repairs or issues reported after 24hr period are charged at £3.50 per nail for Acrylic/Gels or £2.50 for Gel Polish or provided free of charge during your next routine appointment/rebalance.

  • All repairs are performed at my Home Studio in Thorpe Astley 

  • If you require a repair or nail assessment performed on a mobile basis I have to charge travel expenses at £1.00 per mile (there and back) plus the cost of repair per nail paid in advance by Bank Transfer. 

  • No refunds are given under any circumstance. 


  • If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment please provide at least 48 hours notice. I have to turn other clients away if you don't turn up and a small business cannot survive like that. Failure to provide appropriate notice will mean a deposit will be required for future appointments or services being declined. If a booking fee was paid for an appointment please be aware these are not refundable and non-transferable.

  • Mobile Service:

  • I provide a Mobile Service to many addresses in Leicestershire, to check if I cover your area just contact me with your full address so I can check.

  • I cannot provide a mobile service where there is no safe, free parking available immediately outside the property, or to buildings (such as high rise flats etc) as they are not easily accessible. 

  • If I arrive and I am unable to safely park close to the address or if the address is not easily accessible to myself and my kit I will be forced to decline the appointment and your deposit will be lost.

  • Clients who I cannot visit are invited to enjoy their treatment at my Home Studio.

  • I will bring all equipment including manicure table and chairs. I will need access to Hot Water and Electricity points during mobile appointments. 


  • Please ensure little ones are supervised during your appointment. I love children but the equipment and products used to create beautiful nails are expensive, delicate and the working environment is unsuitable for children.

  • Please ensure that children are supervised by another person and are kept well away from the treatment area and equipment while you get some much deserved pampering.

  • Please note I am unable to accommodate children during appointments at my home.

Under 16's:

  • Require a Parental Consent form to be signed before treatment can commence.


  • To ensure you don't feel rushed, please arrive on time for your appointment.

  • Familiarise yourself with the following treatment times so you know how long the treatment will take. A set of great nails takes on average 1.5hrs  - 2hrs depending on your initial nail condition and complexity of the design - if you're having extensive Nail Art it can take longer.

10% Off For Hair & Makeup Clients:

  • If you have booked to have your Makeup / Hair done foryour wedding I am offering 10% off all Nail Services until your event date. If you would like Bridal Nails or Nails for your Event please ensure you book your nail appointment early so I can make sure I am available for you.


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